5 best way of how to make money online from blog without adsense.

how to make money online from blog


In this present time, most of young people like to earn from home with relaxing mode. But that’s have some system to go ahead. May be you are searching fro how to make money online? Well you are here to see the best easiest way to how to make money online from your blog without adsense and with less work. You really look for it. Seat tight and read the full article so you get the best knowledge about it. I’m going to tell you the best way that how to make money online from your blog without doing a lot work. From my 4 years of experience, I found this is the best and easiest way to make money online. After reading this article, start working first to get the result. By the way, this is not a quick way to get rich soon. It is take time to give you money. But you know that money isn’t easy enough to get on your pocket. So read the full process of How to make money online from your blog.

How to make money online from blog

Well I’m saying about make money from your blog. So you need a blog free or paid. But I recommend you to get a paid domain and hosting to get your brand to the next level without any issue. But for the first time you can make your free blog. There are several platform to provide free blog system like Blogger, WordPress. This 2 are the best as my opinions,. So the first step is to build up your blog.

After making your blog first manage a nice theme for it. You can google for a better free theme for you. After setup your theme than make your few posts on your blog. What kind of post you need to create. That’s not specific. You can write anything you want. But I think first be sure that what is your best interest field. So write about that, cause that will give your fun and entertainment. It will not gonna make you boring. Like me, I love technology a lot and that’s why I’m making this blog.

Now here is 5 best way of how to make money online from blog without adsense.


Guest Post

You think why Guest Post is in the first place to make money from your blog. Well, it’s simple. Cause it’s your very new blog and you just building it for better branding. So you need a lot post and also SEO optimized Content on your blog.  So you can easily make it by getting some guest post and also with some money. There a lot’s of Freelancing platform to give you the chance to offer others for guest post on your blog.


how to make money online from blog guest postLike Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer, PeopleperHour etc. Fiverr is a great autopilot website to get huge traffic on your offer, so they can buy from you. You can sell guest post from $5 to $100 and more. But I think first you need to limit the price at a low level to get some review and also post on your blog. This is the best easy to make money online from your blog without adsense.

Affiliate Marketing

Well you should here about selling someone stuff and get paid as commission on the sell. That’s what Affiliate marketing system. But is that easy at all. No not at all. But from you success blog, yes that’s a easy and quick way to get some money. However, how you can start. You read about my first part on this article as guest post. Yes guest post will make some post for some niches on your blog. After a lot post, you need to get traffic on your blog. So search on the Google or YouTube to how to get traffic on blog. I will write about that later. If you are getting lot traffic on your blog, this is the time to start affiliate business on your blog to make money online from your blog. You can promote someone product that are related to your blog niche.

how to make money online from blog affilate marketing

You can find a huge list of products to promote from:

  • Amazon
  • Commission Junction
  • ShareAsale
  • JVzoo

So find out your targeted product from those site and than promote that to your blog. You also can get a lot of sponsored product for you, if your blog get a lot impression to the viewers.


Write Reviews

Yes, that is a best way to start. You can also start it from the beginning. First make some great reviews yourself by researching. If your reviews get a lot views, shares and comments. That the game will start automatically. Because when someone sees that, your review getting people attraction on the best way than someone will also get interest for it. They will come to you to write their review on your blog. In addition, that will make your money without and hard work. First, be sure to make some great review yourself.

how to make money online from blog write reviews

Review writing works best for Tech Product, Health & Fitness, Pet product and some more items. So first, select a niche for your blog and then start writing review. Be sure to put every single fact of the product to your reviews. That is a great to make money online from your blog easily. I also like to do that in future.

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Sell EBook Online

Selling EBook is really making money at all. Yes-Making money from your blog is easy enough by selling your written eBook that someone can read from mobile or pc. Look at Amazon EBook store, they selling a lot. People like to learn a lot from the expert and you are somehow an expert for something. Write eBook about your expertise. Like you know well How To make money online from blog for free.

how to make money online from blog selling ebooks

You can write about it. See on Google there is a tons of daily searches for it. So it’s a great chance to get some audience for you. EBook does not only make money for you, it’s also creating audience and trust on you. Few Days ago I myself brought an EBook to know about Fiverr Marketing strategy. It was impressive and I am happy with it. Making people happy is enough to make lot money in future. Because they have trust on you and they will buy for you in future.

Sell Online Course

Course is the best selling online product now a day. People now like more videos than text. However, there is some problem. You do not know foreign language well so how you can sell internationally. But wait, did you really need to sell online course internationally. Not at all. You can sell only at your country. You have a lot people on your own country to buy your course. Cause they also like to know about the process of work.

how to make money online from blog selling online course

But making an online course is little tricky. You need to have a clear audio system and nice video presentation. Bad audio on good video doesn’t feel so good. Today’s Smartphone is great enough to take great video but not great to get good audio.

Your Online course doesn’t have to be so long. Short course also can be great if it’s on the right point of view. As like you know how to Make money online from blog without adsense. Than you can make at least 5 short video that are not more than 10 minutes. After that make a quick overview video for your course at least for 2 minutes. That’s enough to build up your Online Course for sell.

Well, I hope you read the article. Did you learn anything from it? Let me know on the comment section. If you any Question I will answer you. So don’t hesitate to comment your thoughts.

This Article teach you what? You can make money online from blog without doing any hard work. Thin about it if your any article getting paid before you write it. If your blog keep making money while you are sleeping, that’s about affiliate marketing, EBook Sell, Online Course. That’s really cool right.

But as I said, this is not a quick process that you are making money in just few days. You have to build up your blog by making some cool article. It’s will not take much time more than 5 to 6 month. So start your free or paid blog today. Star making money for life time. Yes it is a life to process to make money online from blog without adsense.

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