How to create a successful fiverr gig? (Updated 2018)

How do I create a successful fiverr gig?


Let’s make your next fiverr gig to get success. May be you have search a long time to get the tips to make a successful fiverr gig. Well follow the full article for an in-depth instruction for you.

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Before, I start telling you my process. I should tell you that how I came up with it. Will it work perfect or not? Did I got my success by this process? Yes, everything I am going to tell you.

Few days ago I also searching for advance tips to make my next successful fiverr gig. I found a lot of process on the internet and most of them are same. But this process is totally different and it’s also worked for me in just few days.

How do you feel your fiverr gig page? Is it just a simple page to provide service or something else?  In this article, I’m going to tell you. Fiverr gig page is actually a perfect product-landing page to provide your digital services. However, you need to know about a good product landing page quality. Why they work  or not?

A perfect product-landing page contains a lot of section that helps buyer to ensure that he is buying a great service or product. So you need to maintain those section on to your fiverr gig page. Going to tell you all things in step by step on to our fiverr gig page.

Successful Fiverr Gig Title

Before you writing your successful fiverr gig title think something. What kind of text make you impress to click. In fiverr gig title you should not use more than 60 character. So your title should short enough and actionable.

Be a human to your fiverr gig page. Make it as much as conversational to the buyer. Title is the second priority to get click to your fiverr gig from the search result. So it is too much important to make it visible to the buyer. On the search page gallery image first make the attraction the buyer, than the tittle. Long title make it complicated to read on the search with a lot of other gigs.

Use at least one long tail keyword.  Example on the picture below. I work for illustration type task. So I gave the sample for cartoon portrait art.  Before writing, anything to your gig page be sure that you imagine the click ability and trust.

Successful Fiverr Gig Gallery Images

Before making your fiverr gig gallery image, you need to see something. What is that? Visit some eCommerce site on the internet like amazon, e-bay, aliexpress and many more. Click any of their product and than determine how the showing their product. I think already guess what I’m going to say.

Your gallery image should isolate to the main object. You can see on eCommerce site , they showing their product on to a clean white background. If you are a graphic designer than you better know that how a Amazon product image get edited.

I have attached 2-sample image below. One is good and the other is average. I know that colorful background gallery images also works great. But in the recent time it’s not doing well as before.

successful fiverr gig gallery image

You can look to the famous websites and analyze their UI updates. You can see that, they are making them as minimal and eye catchy as possible. So, why they are doing this? Cause they know well about the user experience.

They know what people like to see and what not. Flat style design getting more attraction than complicated works. So be sure to make your main service represented to your gallery image as good as possible.

Successful Fiverr gig gallery images is the first priority to get click to your gig. A clean look gallery image can works best in this situation. Your gallery image is need to stand out than others. Do not make it complicated by too many text, badges, and colors. Just be sure to focus on your main object.

Fiverr recently make an update to make the gallery images click able to preview. That is the great chance for you. Make it a great resolution to preview.  I use 1280×720 resolutions to represent my service. After click on this size, it’s appear in all of the screen.

Successful Fiverr Gig Description

A description is the gold to a product-landing page to make maximum sells and SEO ranking. On fiverr gig page you will have only 1400 character to use. I think that is much enough to make it quality content. We use normally 2000 character to a blog article, so 1400 word is enough for a landing page.

According to Google search ranking system, your description needs to follow some steps. I am saying about Google ranking; than you may be think, I am made. But not. Let me describe why I am saying this.

Follow the below steps to make you gig description better than before

  • Article readability
  • Use paragraphs.
  • Proper keyword density
  • Long tail keyword
  • Feature combination
  • Question and answers
  • Summaries at the end

Make your every paragraph to 2 or 3 lines long. That will make the content readability and a good-looking design.  Use 150 words to every paragraph. That helps make the paragraphs looks short and separated. We use yeost seo tools to write blog article and that show the result of readability. That’s why I am telling you this method.

Use long tail keyword instead of short keyword. Long tail keyword works double that short keyword. Cause that short keyword also included in long tail keyword. Use same keyword maximum 10%. To use more keywords, you can use related keywords to your service. Don’t use repeat keyword in same line.

First paragraphs should maintain your gig title. That will help SEO better as it works as subtitle. Use at least on call to action line to your first paragraphs. That a great way to make your successful fiverr gig.

On the other paragraphs, you can write about your service features.  You can write there, how you work and what the buyer will get from you. What help them by your service? This is also a part of question and answer.

What is the part of question and answer? Well this section will help buyer to understand you and trust you. Write something that conversational. Like your are directly talking to the buyer. Why will they chose you? Why this service is good for them? How much expert you are?

In the end of the description write a short summery to your service. It should be in 2 or 3 line. Like your are getting their trust you. Now let them talk to you or work with you. Say them that you are doing your best.

Successful Fiverr Gig Tag

At last time to add some tag to your fiverr gig. You can add maximum 5 tag. So it’s little bit tricky. Use at least 3 long tail keyword. Other 2 can be short keyword. Long tail keywords works great to get rank on search. Try to use fiverr search suggested keywords.

That’s all for how to make a successful fiverr gig. But why this way will work? You have this question on your mind. It should work. It worked for me. My new gig got ranked in just 4 days. I got orders in just 2 days. But that need some marketing. I will tell about that in next article.

This type gig will help you to get bigger buyer. Why?

Cause it’s a conversational gig. Like your are talking to them. Not like a robot. The most chance is buyer send you message. Than you can make a deal with them. Every good buyer like to talk before making order. They like to trust you. But need to know from you. So let it done this way.

IF you have any question to me. Please don’t forget to leave a comment. I will answer as fast as possible. If I make any wrong than let me know on the comment section. I will make that a change.

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